Dating applications with their individual strategies of self-expression have a profound effect on identity formation processes and the way we come in contact with people. The process of screen-based seduction is different from a process based on a physical presence. On the one hand, the screen allows you to control your mode of presentation. We select images and texts to present ourselves. On the other hand, physical presence, more spontaneous, allows us to show our body language, perceive the other‘s smell and more. This work imagines a future where online seduction can be optimized by slow-tech devices that simulate hormonal emissions. The chemical messages that our bodies send to each other could be perceived by another from a distance, adding an uncontrolled dimension to the filtered flirtation. The work reflects on online dating mechanisms like dependency, consumerism, objectification and reduction of the body to calculable parameters, as well as our need for intimacy.

Swiping compressed filtered love (et enfin, permettre l’incontrôlable), Marie-Eve Levasseur © 2019


Marie-Eve Levasseur

Swiping compressed filtered love (et enfin, permettre l’incontrôlable)

Strategies of encounter using the filters of an algorithm beyond language. A fictive extension gives the filtered flirtation an uncontrolled dimension by simulating hormonal emissions.