The animated short radicle territory explores the Internet as growing entity, sprouting out of, around, inside and over older infrastructures and technologies. A chorus of humans and machines speculates (or advertises?) what this strange plant could look like, reading a text co-produced by both artist and algorithm, while glitchy and DIY aesthetics lure the viewer into colorful visual imaginaries reminiscent of the early Internet. The visual language reflects both the broken and misadventurous path to the creation of the film, as well as the Internet’s materiality, culture and collage-like multifacetedness that overgrows the glossy and highly curated images of the digital age today. Created partly on a dying computer, partly in the Cloud, the piece pose questions of individual, collective and technological agency right from the beginning of its creation, and continually captures the trouble in this radicle territory (re: root domain). 

radicle territory, Vanessa Graf © 2022


Vanessa Graf

radicle territory

A strange plant takes root in our domain. Let’s take a step closer to towering structures and wireless fruit: we’re entering radicle territory.