Oscillating as many, just as one offers a fabulation of hybrid beings and how they are engaging with each other. forming a pulsating Holo-NoNT—a Holistic Net of Nano Things—constituting relations of itself and of its parts. The beings communicate in vibrating, swaying, tickling ways—oscillating together as a chorus and interacting with each other and the spectator through binaural sound waves. They reach out for and through one another, forming new kaleidoscopic spaces and are in constant flux being one, many or both at the same time. Refusing language and chronology, this work seeks to tell stories of sympoietic networks, offering modes of discovering collective, sensual knowledge. Originating as clay figures, the hybrids have traded their physical condition for a virtual materiality that allows them to blend into one another, coinhabit spaces and coalesce bodily processes and outcomes. Thus, these connections become not only interdependent but also intra-active. This fabulation explores encounters with matter, molecular modifying sound, unfamiliar creatures and kinships. Being present with these sympoietic assemblages one might become attentive to the inter- and intra-dependencies one is entangled in.

Please listen with headphones, though the sound is not recommended for those with epilepsy.

Oscillating as many, just as one, Lisa Walder © 2022


Lisa Walder

Oscillating as many, just as one

Hybrid creatures encounter each other in a digital space, creating visual noise and noisy kinship. They explore their own and each other’s bodies, moving within and through one another. In constant diffusion they become familiar with their inter- and intra-connectedness—oscillating as many, just as one.