Dating a Tree – Dating a Composition, Roksana Niewadzisz / Doerte Weig © 2022

Encountering a Tree – An Ecosomatic Practice

By Roksana Niewadzisz and Doerte Weig

This is an ecosomatic awareness practice with trees which invites you to experiment with bodily scales, sensations, and boundaries. Ecosomatics explicitly connects the human body or soma, and our environments, our ecologies, and attuning to the details of plant bodies can challenge our understanding of what we perceive as individual and collective bodies. Below is our ecosomatic invitation in the form of an audio recording and a text, in four different languages: English, German, Spanish and Polish. Please engage with the practice whichever way feels most comfortable. You can pause whenever you need more time for breathing, becoming with the tree, or for exploring the tree connection in your own way.


Encountering a Tree – An Ecosomatic Practice


Begegnung mit einem Baum – eine ökosomatische Praxis


Encuentro con un árbol – Una práctica ecosomática

język polski

Spotkanie z drzewem- Praktyka ecosomatyczna



The emerging field of Ecosomatics, explicitly connects the human body or soma, and eco- as referring to ecologies. Soma is another way of saying body, and refers to how a person can directly perceive their internal bodily sensations. Ecosomatics brings together soma as this direct sensory perception of the body, with the awareness and perception of the human body as an integrated and embedded part of our surroundings, environments, ecologies.

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Dating a Tree – Dating a Composition, Doerte Weig, Roksana Niewadzisz © 2022


Doerte Weig / Roksana Niewadzisz

Dating a Tree – Dating a Composition

Have you ever dated a tree or explored human-tree relationalities or shared stories about engaging with tree beings? Come and experience how dating a tree is grounded in ecosomatic practice and earthly discoveries.